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Balikesir Turkey
BALIKESIR - TURKEY Guleta.com'da : e -reklam

Around the Gulf of Edremit, also in Balikesir province, are some of the most beautiful coastlines in the country where the clear waters meet sandy beaches encircled by the silvery green of olive groves. Ayvalik, Burhaniye, Ören, Edremit, Akçay and Altinoluk are all holiday towns which attract vacationers interested in a relaxing holiday , with beautiful scenery, and a wealth of historical and archaeological sites.
The beautiful Degirmen Bogazi, an area ten kilometers from Balikesir towards Bursa lies between two hills. Families flock to this scenic spot and its restaurants during weekends and holidays.

At Karakol village , photographers can capture the three picturesque windmills on film. Ancient Penderamus, now called Bandirma, is today an important commercial and industrial harbor second only to Istanbul.
You can spend a pleasant afternoon in the town's restaurants and cafes. Belkis (Kyzikos) lies ten kilometers west of Bandirma. In this ancient city on the Kapidag Peninsula's isthmus, the Temple of Hadrian, a theater and aqueducts still stand, captivating visitors. The Kus Cenneti National Park near Lake Manyas is an ornithological site where 239 different species of birds Nourish. Every year, over three million birds fly through this preserve. April and May are the best months to enjoy the wildlife. Thirteen kilometers southeast of Bandirma in Karacabey, horse farms breed magnificent specimens of this beloved animal.